Appliance Controls Are Our Specialty

We design them. We build them. We’re passionate about them.
We’re also passionate about taking great care of our clients. When our clients win awards and sell lots of beautiful, well-designed appliances, we’re delighted. It feels great to help them achieve their vision, and they enjoy collaborating with us.
It’s all good.

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We’re Known by the Friends We Keep

We’re grateful for our client’s trust and friendship, and we take good care of them. If you collaborate with us, we promise to take good care of you, too. It’s what we do.

Elan Controls Can Be Found in a Wide Variety of Appliances

Whether our custom appliance controls quietly perform behind the scenes or taking center-stage as an elegant touchscreen display, our controls bring luxury residential and commercial appliances to life. Click on an image below to learn more about what we do and how we can help.

Here’s How We Can Help

Custom-Made Controls

If you need to refresh a product line, upgrade your controls, or create something exciting and new, we’re here for you. Creating impeccable appliance controls from scratch is our thing. Call us, and our engineering and technical teams will help you develop the controls of your dreams.

Design Optimization

We’ve all been there. A fabulous idea is born, and it’s your responsibility to make it happen. This is where we shine. Our experienced electrical engineers will find clever ways to help you optimize your design so that it is simple, robust, reliable, and affordable.

Existing Controls

We have an exquisite portfolio of appliance controls from which to choose, or to use as a starting point for us to tailor to your unique application. Our robust controls are used every day in a variety of fine products. Click any appliance image above to learn more about our custom controls.  We can optimize the designs to suit your needs.

Engineering Knowledge & Witty Banter

Designing the perfect electronic control system is challenging. So much is at stake, and there are so many technical issues to consider. No worries, we’ve seen it all before, and we like to share. Want to chat about appliance control design and manufacturing? Problems? Ideas? Call us. We’re friendly, and we like to help.

What's it like at elan?

We have a large factory with lots of fancy machines and plenty of gifted yet wonderfully modest electrical engineers and technical colleagues. Our customer service, procurement, and project management colleagues are especially delightful and caring. During the global pandemic and supply chain crunch, they kept parts flowing to our customers even during the most challenging of times. It was a beautiful thing.

On a personal note, we’re just normal Midwesterners. We wear flannel in the winter, go hiking in the mountains, fly airplanes and drones, build vintage motorcycles, and brew fine IPAs. You know, regular stuff. We’re good-natured, responsible, salt-of-the-earth folks. We’re charming, trendy, and fashionable. Wait, perhaps that’s a little bit over the top.

Moving on. Quite simply, everyone here is kind, caring, and is extremely good at what they do. That’s Elan in a nutshell.

What our clients are saying

I absolutely recommend Elan to any manufacturer looking for a strategic, high-performing organization to upgrade their supply base.”

Director of Procurement, Alto Shaam
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They are “...focused on best-in-class solutions. They are a pleasure to work with...”

President, Bluestar Range
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We cannot afford to tarnish our reputation by using anything less than the best. The best is what we get from Elan.

Dir Engineering, Hatco.
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“Elan shares our passion, working alongside as we advance the foodservice equipment industry.” 

President, Alto Shaam
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“They get us to the finish line. They are my “go to” company when I have a project that needs to be done quickly and with a high level of expertise.” 

Chief Electrical Engineer, Viking Range LLC
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Let’s make something amazing together.

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