Ice/water dispenser

Ice/Water Dispensers

Back when Blackberry phones had buttons, and before the iPhone, we helped Follet create the OCS product line by designing a beautiful cap-touch UI with a dead front. Sleek, elegant, and futuristic, our control innovation became the standard for premium countertop ice/water dispensing products. This successful and award-winning product line is a perfect example of collaboration and innovation. Follett asked us, "what's new?" and we delivered an exquisite forward-leaning control that has adorned the premier ice/water dispenser for any business trying to up its game in the lunchroom or boardroom. Elan supplies ice maker controls and appliance control design with different UIs to enable good/better/best options. Contact Elan for a custom Ice/Water dispenser solution inspired by these examples.

Ice machine user interface and control board
Ice dispense user interface
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