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A beautiful touchscreen with an intuitive user interface can add tremendous value and joy to the user experience. Our UI/UX artists and engineers develop exquisite and intuitive touch display graphics and UX in-house. From concept sketches and storyboards to fully functional prototypes and mass production units, we'll work with you to create touch controls that everyone will love. Elan touchscreens are ideal for industrial, premium residential, and commercial food service applications. Our touchscreens come with thicker glass, higher ambient temperature resilience, and multiple screen sizes with customized mounting options. We're incredibly proud of our award-winning 1" x 3" swipe capacitive touch UI used in premium residential cooking and refrigeration applications. Check it out. It might be perfect for your needs. Our larger touchscreens come in sizes from 4.3" to 10" or larger with Linux/RTOS processors and CRANK® graphics. Give us a call. We'll design the perfect UI/UX together.

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  • Cap Touch & Resistive
  • 1x3; 4.3in, 7in, 10in & more
  • Std & Linux/RTOS
  • Graphics & Storyboarding
  • 85C ambient typical
  • Custom UI & Selectors

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