The ‘+’ is the difference

When you engage in contract manufacturing with ELAN, you’re not just paying for a service - you’re investing in the peace of mind our 25 years designing and manufacturing provides you, which is worth every penny.

Time is valuable when running a business. Often, you feel the need for more hours in the day in order to get everything done. There are a thousand spinning plates you have to keep your eyes on at all times.  It’s exhausting. You understand the importance of ensuring your controls are of premium manufactured quality. They adhere to all UL safety requirements and standards. Implement best manufacturing practices.  Champion cost effective alternatives, and the list goes on. Freeing up your time is like finding 20 bucks in an old pair of jeans! You know that feeling, right?

Minimize Your Problems To Maximize Your Output

Our services are designed to provide a tangible benefit: Time saved for more important things for you to focus on.  Here’s what we offer:

  • Regular communication aligning your production needs to keep your lines running.
  • Pro-active recommendations of alternate components we use elsewhere for availability and obsolescence.
  • Best-in-class comprehensive test fixture design + build.
  • Engineering + Design support evolved from hundreds of successful launched controls.
  • Product validation testing + noise testing + UL/IEC agency assistance.
  • Enhance + update your design.
  • Optimize your design/s for ease of manufacturing.
  • Everything essential for OEM success.

Bottom Line

When you partner with ELAN, you’re not just getting a contract manufacturer - you’re getting a powerful team of allies built to outperform the mightiest big-time manufacturers out there.  We’ve manufactured over a million controls since we opened our doors. No small feat, and one we’re incredibly proud of.

As your contract manufacturer, we’re always on the lookout, making sure your manufacturing stays on track. We emphasize the intentional use of our expertise to keep your production running. From day one, this has been our goal. It’s literally that simple.

Uncover the value of Elan CM+ as your ticket towards peace of mind.

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