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WatchVariables is a software development tool that helps engineers optimize appliance operating parameters.  Included for free with every development program, engineers can plug into WatchVariables to quickly analyze performance, program functionality and adjust functional parameters of appliances in real time. Do you need data on heating curves, motor speeds, or temperature cycling? WatchVariables can deliver operational details and a whole lot more.

With WatchVariables, you can speed up your software development, feature testing, and code validation. See exactly what the control is doing. Use data to make modifications and launch new models. The log file is perfect for troubleshooting and makes testing and optimization a breeze.

Engineers tell us they love WatchVariables, and we think you will too. 

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Based on our already popular WatchVariables technology, our system scanning technology can monitor your customer’s appliances for anomalies. This lightweight but powerful technology can quickly diagnose problems and notify the consumer and service team that service is required.

With our monitoring software, there’s no more mystery. Service technicians can review the data, know what is wrong in advance, bring the right parts, and fix the problem immediately. The disruption and inconvenience of multiple service calls will be a thing of the past.

Your customers will enjoy having their appliance back online with minimal disruption and they will be impressed with their service experience.

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