IOT module and app

Elan Connect IOT

The Elan Connect® Module gathers data from our electronic control system and transmits that data to apps or the cloud for use by IoT systems. How does it work? The Elan Connect module resides within the appliance and queries the appliance in a language the appliance understands. A phone or similar NFC device instantly pairs the module to Bluetooth via a simple tap. Then Bluetooth is used to extract the data. The phone app can analyze the log file, send it via email, or transfer it to the cloud for further analysis/routing. See our innovation section for more information, or call Rob and Jay to explore the possibilities.

Oven IOT app
IoT Bluetooth WIFI module
IoT module
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  • Real-time status, troubleshooting, menu updates
  • Download data for service, HAACP
  • Ideal for “Right-to-Service” initiative
  • Agnostic, via API can point to gateway and cloud
  • Tap (NFC) to authenticate, Bluetooth to communicate

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