signal converter

Signal Converters

Elan has a variety of different signal converters. Most commonly, legacy controls with 4-20mA output signals aren't compatible with newer instrumentation and controls needing 0-15 and 0-20vdc powered inputs. So, Elan designed signal conditioners to bridge this gap. Simple and effective, we can create other converters as needed to suit your application. Give us a call, and we'll design the perfect signal converter for your application.

signal converter
universal signal converter
signal converter with bracket
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  • PWM: 4-20mA, 0-10vdc or 0-20vdc input to PWM powered output to drive 5vdc, 20vdc, 24vdc valves
  • From 24VAC input power
  • Mounting w/standoffs or bracket
  • STD: 4-20mA input to 0-15 or 0-20vdc powered output

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