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With an installed base of hundreds of thousands of premium gas and electric oven controls, Elan has solid experience designing, developing, and manufacturing industry-leading oven controls. We’ve designed our controls to make them easy for engineers to specify, modify, and optimize. Here are a few examples: Our platform approach means a single control can operate various models by simply changing the user interface. Our in-house UI/UX experts and engineers can quickly and easily create engaging custom interfaces that appeal to users and support brand differentiation. Elan’s WatchVariables software development tool is included with every development program. It helps engineers quickly optimize appliance operating parameters. This software ensures that ovens with Elan appliance controls are accurate, hold temperature, and preheat faster. Lastly, our platforms are agency approved for quick implementation. Contact Elan for a wall oven control and user interface tailored to your needs.

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  • Gas & Electric
  • Convection, Self-Clean
  • Door lock control (self-clean)
  • UL/CE Safety Certified
  • Platform control (multiple UIs)
  • UL/CE. 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Touchscreen
  • Custom UI & Selectors 

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